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    .NET MIME Parsing Component

  "MY BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE ON THE INTERNET. ListNanny did not support our mailing program, but dave suggested we send him some file samples and three days later we got a new version supporting our mailing program. Dave let us use the program, and only after he was satisfied that we have a working solution we paid for the standard product $129 - nothing for the special development. I wish all software vendors were so supporting of their customers."
D. Geisler
Broadway Box

The Number 1
.NET Email/MIME Parsing Component

The FIRST .NET Mime component
with built-in Spam Checking

The FIRST .NET Mime component
with XML Reporting

The FIRST .NET Mime component
with CSV Reporting

The FIRST .NET Mime component
with TAB Delimited Reporting

The FIRST .NET Mime component
to process a directory of messages

The FIRST .NET Mime component
to support MBOX file processing

Online Demo
Check out the aspNetMime parsing demo.
And our new spam checking demo.
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